Beauty Comes With Dark Thoughts

Never ending story?

Again I did it
I hurt the one I love
And my feelings go their on way
But it looks that itís the wrong way

My thoughts arenít with me anymore
Most they are with another person
My tears find their way along my cheeks
Even if I donít want it

Words I say are honest but wrong
I should have known it before
But I didnít want it to go that way
A mistake, which I have to pay for

Wish I would have never written those lines
In my heart I hoped it would be different
But my head said it before
Never could this really happen

My dreams are with him
My feelings, as it seems, too
A friendship there is
A relationship only a dream

Some kisses I would have
The near of him I would wish
Different from a real relationship
Just a romantic get-together with those things

But all of this would never be more than dreaming
A wish that will never come true.
May a hope that stays in my heart
Near the wish, I would be dead

Dark and dreamy thoughts in my head
Never come true wishes in my heart
I canít do a thing about it
I just can write these lines.




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