Beauty Comes With Dark Thoughts

Broken Heart ~ Lonely Soul

Loneliness fills my heart
Tears fill up my eyes
Emptyness fills up my head
Pain fills up my body

My heart and my soul is broken again
And again it's all my fault
Another Person I lost
A Person I love

But it doesn't rely on mutual anymore
I wish I would be dead
My life doesn't seem worthing at this time
I will be alone 'til the end

Now he doesn't have to care about me anymore
He doesn't have to worry about me anymore
He dosen't have to get angry about me anymore
He doesn't have to despair about me anymore

I'm all alone in my heart
He isn't this at all
I won't see ans speak him for a long time
He will do both

Maybe I should seal myself
Seal my heart so it won't be broken anymore
I hurts so much, I can't really handle it
My thoughts just run around him

They shouldn't do this
I really should forget him
He got plans for engagement
And then he told me to break up

I just wanna cry
Alone in my room
May with a good friend on my side
But i don't really wanna see other people.




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