Beauty Comes With Dark Thoughts


Do you know that, when your life turns into black?
And you don't know what to do?
When you feel, what you shouldn't?
And you can't help it anymore?

I know this and I wish it would be different
It's crazy and horrible at the same time
If it's going on like that, I can't stand it anymore
Just at this time, it makes me kinda ill

Love and hope is almost gone
Dead and darkness take over
It's all my fault, even if someone would say no
But it all feels like this.

No wondering anymore about what I do
May that's the reason so much went wrong
And I can't change it
I will change this, but it doesn't work

Love could be a wonderful thing
But not with me
I don't deserve anyone
And no one deserve me

That's my point of view
That's the way I feel
That's how it looks to me
That's what I can't change

Maybe these are all thoughts just because of one thing
Better many things, but one big
I always hurt somebody
And that's no good thing

Now tears and dark thoughts fulfill me
Both because of what just happened
And I shouldn't do that
It's so stupid for me

Everybody else would have a different opinion
Misunderstood eye contact, it may be
Interest from another person
In a way I don't know

Feelings which are really true
Feelings which I shouldn't have
Feelings which aren't reciprocate
Feelings which can't really stop

But they should
And I should forget
I really must stop dreaming
Even if this hurts more




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